sgRNA library
sgRNA library

Currently, CRISPR sgRNA livrary has been a powerful tool for large-scale genome screening for identifying the genes that result in the desired phenotype.

Due to the ease of sgRNA design and synthesis, the CRISPR library consists of thousands of sgRNAs for a broad range of potential target genes. And, each gene can have multiple sgRNAs which can maximize on-target specification and activity of genome editing. CRISPRs sgRNA library has already been used extensively on studying diseases or specific phenotypes, such as responses in immune therapy, mechanisms of viral infection, oncology, etc.

GenCefe has an advantage of sgRNA library design and construction, we can provide pooled sgRNA library design and construction services for high-throughput knockout of genes in the customized cell line to accelerate your research.

Advantages of CRISPR sgRNA library

1.Large population of cells can be modified by one CRISPR sgRNA library containing thousands of sgRNA.

2.Multiple sgRNA can be cloned into one vector to improve the on-target effort sequence in the gRNA can easily.

3.CRIPSR library can make various types of genetic modification, such as knockout, activate or repress gene expression.

4.The CRISPR sgRNA library can be widely applied to the cells of different kinds of species.

The workflow of pooled lentiviral sgRNA library

Applications of sgRNA library

With the maturity of CRISPR technology, CRISPR sgRNA library has been developed and applied in many fields:

  • Genetic knockout, activation, and repression
  • New drug target identification and validation
  • Identify the cancer therapeutic targets
  • Developing disease-resistant crop

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