Gene Synthesis

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of gene synthesis compared with traditional PCR cloning?

Compared with traditional PCR cloning method, gene synthesis is accurate and target products without affecting the subsequent verification of gene function.

Codon optimization can improve the expression and solubility of target protein.

The construction of tissue-specific cDNA library by common PCR cloning method is time-consuming and costly.

The gene synthesis turnaround time is fast and cost effective without relying on the template and enzyme restriction site.

Difficult gene sequences that cannot be obtained by traditional PCR cloning techniques but can be synthesized by gene synthesis.

What are the advantages of GenCefe gene synthesis service?

Fast turnaround time: will be shipped starting from 8 days.

High quality delivery: 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed with sanger sequencing method.

Complex & difficult genes synthesis: expertise in synthesizing complex, GC-rich, repeated, or long genes.

Advanced codon optimization technology: GenCefe provides free codon optimization services.

Does GenCefe do extraction of DNA, isolation, cleaning, and purification?

Yes, GenCefe offers plasmid preparation service at different scales and grades, we can also offer customized PCR isolation and cleaning, but not genomic DNA.

Does GenCefe provide services for DNA sequencing, result analysis, and interpretation of kinship between two or more samples?

We can perform DNA sequencing service, we can also analyze/summarize mutations found in the result, but does not provide interpretation of the result.

Can you keep my sequence confidential?

Yes, all customer information will be kept confidential, an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can be signed with us.

Would it be necessary for codon optimization?

The codon optimization is used for most cases of protein/antibody expression. For example, eukaryotic genes need to be expressed in prokaryotes. Because the codon preference of eukaryotes is very different from that of prokaryotes, so codon optimization of genes can significantly improve the expression efficiency.

Do you have rush gene synthesis service?

Yes. Please contact our project managers to talk about the details of your project.

I received my gene in pUC57, why did you add extra base pair at both end of my sequence?

They are protective bases for blunt end ligation.

What is the storage condition of genes/ constructs you made?

Lyopholized genes can be stored room temperature or -20℃. Once reconstituted, it needs to be stored at 4℃ for short term or -20℃ for long term.

What QC data do I get?

Sequencing raw files, sequencing alignment, COA with restriction digesting analysis result, plasmid map.

What software do I need to open your sequencing result?

The ab1 files are raw files of chromatogram, it can be opened by any sequencing analysis software such as DNAstar, sequencer, or chromas. The SDQ files are alignment which needs to be opened by DNAstar, we also print a PDF file of this alignment which can be opened by Adobe Reader.

Could you purchase some template/ vectors for me from other companies?

Yes, we can try, but some companies will not sell vectors to a commercial entity due to license issue, if you are from academia, it is better for you to purchase it and ship it to us.

In which form do you request plasmid samples are submitted to your lab?

We prefer dry sample on filter paper.  But will accept DNA dissolved in any buffer if required.

Do you sequence verify the clones you made?

All molecular cloning services includes sequence verification.

If you cannot finish the project (molecular biology project), do I still have to pay?

If we cannot deliver the product, you will not be charged. If we can deliver a partial construct, you will need to pay for the part of the work that is performed.

What is order confirmation? Why do I need to confirm?

We send order summery to customer and will need customer to confirm by replying the email. This is to make sure the order information is correct before project starts. Confirmation is required for molecular biology orders.

How do I change or cancel an order?

If the order is not confirmed you can change or cancel it at anytime, once order is confirmed there will be a charge if you want to change or cancel. You need to contact your project manager to change/cancel orders.

Can I use my own FedEx account for shipping?

Yes, if you have a FedEx account, we can use it for the shipping, but handling fee will be charged.

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