OptiGene™ Codon Optimization
OptiGene™ Codon Optimization

Codon optimization is a cutting-edge technique that fine-tunes the genetic code of a target gene, enhancing protein expression levels and biological activity. As a gene synthesis expert with many years of industry experience, GenCefe Biotech fully understands the important role of codon optimization in users' downstream applications. We have introduced advanced artificial intelligence technology into codon optimization and independently developed the OptiGene™ Codon Optimization Tool to assist your research and application with more optimized algorithms.


  • Custom Codon Optimization: We optimize gene sequences for host organisms, enhancing translation efficiency and minimizing bias.

  • Maximized Protein Yield: Elevate protein production for high-demand applications.

  • Improved Functionality: Enhance folding, stability, and activity of recombinant proteins.

  • Multi-Host Compatibility: Our services cover bacteria, yeast, plants, and mammalian cells.

Case Study: 7.4-Fold increase in eukaryotic protein expression in E. coli

Objective : To evaluate the expression level of a eukaryotic gene optimized by OptiGene™ in E. coli.

Method : The wild-type SKN-1 gene was analyzed and optimized by our OptiGene™ software and procedure. The optimized gene was then cloned into an E. coli expression vector. The bacteria containing this gene were cultured and protein expression was induced, with a wild-type gene as comparison. The protein expression was checked by Western Blot. Three clones of each optimized or wild-type gene were examined and the result was shown in Figure 1.

Result : The three clones containing optimized SKN-1 gene showed a 6-fold, 7.2-fold, and 9-fold increase separately, with an average of 7.4-fold increase, over the clones containing wild-type.

Figure 1.: Left: Protein electrophoresis of bacteria lysate expressing wild-type and optimized SKN-1 gene. Right: protein quantitation by Western Blot.

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