qPCR Primers & Probes
qPCR Primers & Probes

qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction), also called real-time PCR, is a molecular biology technique used to quickly and sensitively measure the amount of a specific gene in a DNA or RNA sample. Primers and probes are one of the key factors affecting the success of qPCR and the reliability of its results.

GenCefe Biotech has established an advanced oligo synthesis and modification technology platform with an experienced technical team to provide customized qPCR primers and probes. We are committed to assisting your research and diagnostic applications with high accuracy and reliability of qPCR primers and probes.

Service Advantages:

  • ISO9001 certified, GMP-like clean room, strict control of pollution sources, avoiding NTC interference

  • Advanced production technology ensures product accuracy, high purity, and stable fluorescent labeling

  • Standardized operation and strict quality control to ensure batch-to-batch stability of primers/probes

qPCR Primers & Probes Case Studies:

Fluorescence signal analysis compared to competitors

Cy5-labeled probes synthesized by GenCefe and Company B were added to the two amplification systems for qPCR verification. The reaction systems were completely consistent except for the probes.

GenCefe Company B
Fluorescence signal Higher Lower
Fluorescence background signal Lower Higher
Ct value Basically the same

Probes designed and synthesized by GenCefe show excellent linear range and ideal repeatability

qPCR Primers & Probes Service Specifications:

Service Type Purification Method Length Deliverables
qPCR Probe HPLC 11-59 nt Tube or 96-well plate
Dry powder
qPCR Primer HPLC 11-59 nt

Please download and fill out the oligo order form and send it via email to  [email protected] . Please note the minimum order size of custom oligo synthesis is $50/order.

Modification/Labeling/Dual-Labeling: view the full list

Rare Bases Modifications Phosphorothioate Modifications Phosphorylation Modifications
Biotin Modification Amino Modifications Thiol Modifications
Digoxigenin Modifications Fluorescent Labeling Quenching Groups
Intermediate Modifications Other modifications Dual-Labeling

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