Site-Directed Mutagenesis Libraries
Site-Directed Mutagenesis Libraries

Site-directed mutagenesis libraries refer to a group of gene sequences with mutated amino acids formed by replacing one or more amino acids encoding proteins or peptides with specified amino acids. Each gene sequence in the library generally carries only one mutation, and different gene sequences with different mutations can be delivered as separate clones or in the form of a mixture.

Site-directed mutagenesis libraries are representative of alanine/glycine scanning libraries, which means that each amino acid in the coding protein or peptide sequence is replaced with alanine or glycine one by one, and only one position of each mutant gene is replaced. If it is a protein containing 200 amino acids, 200 mutant genes will be generated, and each mutant gene will be replaced by alanine or glycine at positions from 1 to 200. The library will be delivered as 200 individual clones or as a pool of 200 genes upon request.

Alanine Scanning Library

Recommended applications:

1. Research on protein structure and function

2. Study of the enzyme active sites

3. Study on the antibodies binding domains

4. Protein property modifications, such as changing thermal stability, substrate binding specificity, etc.

Service Specifications:

Delivery Format Advantage Turnaround Time Order
Single Clone 1. The sequence of each clone is clear;
2. No loss in library replication Suitable for mutations of a few amino acid positions or replacement of multiple amino acid positions with a single amino acid
10-15 business days Get a Quote
Mixed Library 1. Applicable for larger library capacity
2. Cost effective
3. Reduce the screening efforts
10-15 business days Get a Quote


  • For single clone: 5μg plasmid containing the mutated gene for each clone

  • For mixed mutation library: >100μg plasmid or plasmid above 100 times the library capacity

  • Sequence verification information

  • Statistical analysis of base distribution of mutation sites

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