Yeast Expression
Yeast Expression

Yeast expression system combines the advantages of prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems, with simple culture conditions, fast growth and high expression levels.

Yeast has certain post-translational modifications (PTM) when expressing foreign genes. The expressed recombinant protein has some folding and glycosylation modifications, and its properties are more stable than those expressed in prokaryotic cells. Yeast expression system is suitable for expressing eukaryotic genes and preparing functional recombinant proteins.

GenCefe has wide collections of yeast expression strains, such as X33, GS115, etc., and variety of expression vectors such as pPICZ α A, pPIC9K, etc. Combined with our proprietary codon optimization technology, GenCefe provides customize high quality recombinant protein expression and purification services using yeast expression system.

Service Specifications:

Step Description Timeline Deliverables
Gene synthesis and subcloning (optional) Gene Synthesis with codon optimization Subcloning 2 weeks Construct report
Expression evaluation Transform the linear construct into yeast strains
Identify positive transformants by PCR SDS-PAGE and/or Western blot
2 weeks Expression report
1 L expression & purification 1 L insect cell expression One-step purification* QC by SDS-PAGE and Western blot 2 weeks Purified proteins
QC report
Scale-up production Large-scale production upon request Quote Purified proteins
QC report

* Additional purification steps are available upon request.

Note: Large scale yeast expression service, higher purity, tag removal and additional QC services such as LC-MS-MS are available upon request. Please contact our PM team (  [email protected] ) for details.

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