Degenerate Mutation Libraries
Degenerate Mutation Libraries

A degenerate mutation library, also known as a site-directed saturation library, refers to the introduction of NNK or NNN at single or multiple positions in a gene sequence. After these gene sequences are translated into proteins, mutations containing any of the 20 amino acids are formed at the corresponding positions. Considering all the sequences as a whole, these positions are a gene library containing 20 different amino acids instead of a fixed one among the 20. This kind of gene library is called a degenerate library. The library is often formed by using a mixture of four single nucleotides at the corresponding codon positions during gene synthesis to replace a specific single nucleotide in conventional gene synthesis.

Degenerate mutation libraries

Recommended applications:

1. Research on protein structural functional domains;
2. Directed evolution of proteins, enzymes, antibodies;
3. Determination and modification of key amino acids in enzyme active sites;
4. Antibody humanization, fine-tuning of antibody affinity and binding properties.

Service Specifications:

Services Description Turnaround Time
Gene synthesis Refer to gene synthesis service specifications 5-8 business days
Vector construction Clone the synthetic gene into the specified vector 2-3 business days
Degenerate mutation There is no limit to the number of degenerate amino acids, within 45 bp is counted as one. It is usually recommended to have less than 10 degenerate regions. Too many degenerate amino acids will cause the library to not contain all theoretical mutant genes 2-3 business days
Cloning Delivered as plasmid:104-107 library capacity
Delivered as PCR products: up tp1011 library capacity
2-20 business days
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1) 20-100ug of plasmid containing the mutated gene.
2) More than 80% positive rate, and the mutation position and frequency meet the specified requirements
3) The library capacity meets the customer’s specified requirements
4) At least 20 sequencing results, and the analysis of the sequencing results reaches the target

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