Gene Synthesis
Gene Synthesis

GenCefe Biotech provides synthesis services for natural sequences, codon-optimized sequences, gene libraries, complex sequences, long sequences, and other customized gene sequences, which can be cloned into any site of the specified vector, and the successful delivery rate can reach 99.9%. Our professional technical support team can communicate with you and solve technical problems quickly and efficiently. 

All you need to do is enter the sequence and your requirements , and we will deliver the ideal plasmid containing the target gene on time.

Holiday Season Promotion: gene synthesis starts from $0.09/bp, valid through January 31st, 2024. Submit your sequence and enjoy the savings now!

Gene Synthesis Service Specifications

Gene Length  Turnaround Time (Business Day)  Price*  Order 
 <=526 bp  5-8  $79/gene   Get a Quote
 527~1500 bp  6-10  $0.15/bp
 1501~3000 bp  10-15  $0.15/bp
 3001~5000 bp  15-20  $0.23/bp
 5001~7000 bp  20-25   Get a Quote
 >7000 bp   Get a Quote   Get a Quote

* The minimum charge for gene synthesis services is $79/order.

Delivery Specifications

  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid

  • Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (e-version)

  • Construct map of the plasmid (e-version)

  • Quality assurance certificate

Key Features

  • Fast turnaround time: deliver the synthetic gene in as soon as 5 business days

  • Experienced team: successfully deliver various difficult gene sequences, including GC-rich, repeated, ultra-long genes, etc.

  • Professional technical support: regardless of the size of the project, GenCefe will provide you with timely and effective communication to solve technical problems for you

  • High-quality: 100% sequence accuracy is guaranteed with Sanger sequencing

Service Process

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