Oligonucleotide biological evaluation platform
Oligonucleotide biological evaluation platform

GenCefe Biotech has established a professional oligonucleotide biological evaluation platform, providing a variety of customized services such as cell culture, screening, cell-based assay, protein detection, animal experiments, etc., providing one-stop services for nucleic acid drug researchers.

Cell Assay Platform: early-stage drug development, in vitro mRNA & Protein efficacy, cytotoxicity, early-stage off-target testing, primary cell testing, etc.
HT Molecular Detection Platform: subcloning, off-target mimic construction, high-throughput mRNA regulation detection, stability, and PK testing.
Protein Detection Platform: protein level verification after oligonucleotide regulation of mRNA, detection of nucleic acid & protein interaction, and detection of oligonucleotide stability.
Primary Cell Platform: the rapid test of delivery efficiency & activity of the delivery system and oligonucleotide conjugate, early-stage off-target testing, PK testing.
Animal Platform: early-stage PD, PK, TOX testing, rapid HDI modeling and evaluation of oligonucleotides, and multiple drug delivery methods for target organs, such as liver, lung, and CNS.

Service Specifications

Services Description
siRNA Screening Cell model construction
Primary cell culture and drug induction
Cell transfection and optimization
Customized detection methods development (gene level and protein level)
Gene level: qPCR, vector construction, reporter gene detection, etc.
Protein level: Western Blot, etc.
Binding assay of siRNA-GalNAc targeting hepatocytes GalNac-ASGPR transport assay
free-uptake test
Primary cell isolation and detection
GalNAc-siRNA long-acting study in vivo
Detection and Evaluation of siRNA Chemical Modifications Stability study
On-target activity studies (in vitro, in vivo)
Off-target activity studies (in vitro, in vivo)
Early-stage in vivo and in vitro off-target assays Database search for potential off-target mRNAs and proteins
Luciferase reporter plasmid, RNAseq, rat toxicity, and other analysis and detection methods
Other Customized oligonucleotide biological evaluation method development and experimental services

Process Development & Technology Transfer

Synthesis process development, coupling process development, analytical method development and verification, quality control, and process scale-up.

IND (Investigational New Drug) Consultation and Technical Support

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