Cell Free Expression
Cell Free Expression

GenCefe's scientific team has developed a proprietary cell-free protein expression technology platform to solve the problem of expression of special proteins, such as membrane proteins and toxic proteins. Our team has rich practical experience in GPCR, ion channel proteins, aquaporins, and transport proteins. We provide flexible services to meet customers' specific needs.

Cell-free protein expression system is an in vitro protein expression technology based on cell extracts. In vitro synthesis uses exogenous mRNA or DNA as the template, and artificially controls the substrates, transcription and translation related factors required for protein synthesis to achieve in vitro synthesis of the target protein. Due to the simple genetic background and convenient use, cell free protein expression has become an important technology for various applications. It is especially suitable for small and medium-scale protein expression, high-throughput expression screening, and difficult membrane protein production.

Service Specificationsļ¼š

Service Specifications
Membrane protein production with cell free system

Gene synthesis with codon optimization, vector construction, purification tag design

Expression level: Mg2+, K+ screening, membrane protein up to 1 mg and above

Expression condition optimization: detergent, liposome, Nanodisc, stabilizer selection

Sample characterization: SDS-PAGE, Westernblot, Geel-filtration

Functional assays: ligand binding (SPR, QCM-D, NMR)

Customized membrane protein preparation

C13, N15 labeled protein sample preparation for NMR (solid state/solution state NMR)

Amino acid labeling (selective labeling/combinatorial labeling)

Insertion of unnatural amino acid

Full-length membrane protein antigen preparation

Efficient synthesis of full-length membrane proteins

Screening of soluble conditions

Membrane Proteins

GPCR: ETA, ETB, beta1-adrenergic receptor, bacteria-Rhodopsin, proteo-Rhodopsin

Aquaporin: AqpZ; mAQP4; AQP1

Ion Channel: KcsA

Bacteria toxin: alpha-hemolysin

Customized cell lysate

S12, S30, S60, S100, S150

Various E.coli strain: A19, D10, BL21, Rosetta

Cell Free Expression Workflow

Note: Large scale bacterial fermentation service, higher purity, label removal and endotoxin removal services are available upon request. Please contact our PM team ( [email protected] ) for details.

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