DNA Oligo QC
DNA Oligo QC

GenCefe Biotech has established a strict quality control system for oligonucleotide products and has passed ISO9001 certification. In addition to standard QC items, we also provide comprehensive customized QC items for different applications, such as scientific research and in vitro diagnostics.

Oligo Detection Methods:

Detection Items (methods) Equipment Brief Introduction
Appearance 30x magnifying glass inspection lamp Detect the presence of undried product, impurities, etc.
Quantitative (UV) UV spectrophotometer Detect the quantitative of Oligos
Molecular weight (MS) Electron Spray Mass Spectrometry Detect the molecular weight of Oligos
Purity (HPLC) High performance liquid chromatography Detect the purity of Oligos
Purity (CE) Capillary electrophoresis
Purity (PAGE) Vertical gel electrophoresis
CT value(qPCR) Fluorescent quantitative PCR Detect the positive target detection capabilities of the qPCR primer & probes
Fluorescence value(qPCR) Detect the fluorescence value of qPCR primer & probes when amplifying positive targets
Human genomic DNA contamination (qPCR) Detection of human genomic DNA contamination in qPCR  primer & probes.
NTC amplification (qPCR) Detect abnormal amplification signals of qPCR  primer & probes in a template-free system.
Cross Contamination Rate (NGS) High throughput sequencer Detect the probability of cross-contamination between different oligos

Oligo QC Items:

Detection Item Primer Type Primer qPCR Primer
qPCR Probe NGS Primer Note
Property detection
Appearance Dry powder: uniform powder or transparent solid, without obvious impurities
Standard Detection
Liquid: colorless/specific color liquid, clear and transparent, without obvious impurities
Quantitative (UV) Error rate(%)≤±10%
Molecular weight (MS) Error rate(%)s+0.05%
Purity (HPLC) RPC≥85%;MOP≥90%;PAGE≥95%;HPLC/HPLC IVD≥95% Customize Detection
Purity (CE) Vary according to the purification method and the oligo length
Purity (PAGE) Clear main product band, correct molecular weight, no obvious impurities
Function Detection Ct Value (qPCR) -
A normal amplification curve can be detected within 45 cycles, and the Ct value is within a reasonable range Customize Detection
Fluorescence value(qPCR) -
According to the agreement
Contamination Detection Human genomic DNA contamination (qPCR) -
No peaks should be detected in the reaction system within 40 cycles, or the Ct value ≥ 40
NTC amplification (qPCR) -
No peaks should be detected in the reaction system within 40 cycles, or the Ct value ≥ 40
Cross Contamination (NGS) -
Cross Contamination Rate(%)≤0.1%

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