Random Mutant Library
Random Mutant Library

The random mutation library refers to the random introduction of nucleotide mutations in the gene sequence by a specific method, thereby generating a mutant gene mixture containing random nucleotide mutations. Each gene molecule in this mixture contains a certain number of random mutation points in a designated region. To make the results analyzable, usually each gene contains an average of <20/kb mutation points. Depending on the length of the gene and the average number of mutations, the theoretical library capacity is also different. The random mutation library can not only randomly mutate the full length of the gene, but also randomly mutate a certain region of the full-length gene. The purpose of random mutagenesis in a region is to focus on this region and can greatly reduce the theoretical library capacity and thus reduce subsequent screening efforts.

Random mutant library

Recommended applications:

  1. Research on protein structural functional domains;

  2. Antibody humanization;

  3. Protein property modifications, such as the determination of the catalytic domain of the enzyme, the improvement of catalytic properties, etc.

Service Specifications:

Services Description Turnaround Time
Gene synthesis Refer to gene synthesis service specifications 5-8 business days
Vector construction Clone the synthetic gene into the specified vector 2-3 business days
Random mutation The mutation region length is 200-1500bp, and we provide three different types of mutation specifications.
1-4 mutations/kb
5-10 mutations/kb
11-20 mutations/kb
2-3 business days
Cloning Delivered as plasmid:10 4 -10 7 library capacity
Delivered as PCR products: up tp10 11 library capacity
2-20 business days
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1) 20-100ug of plasmid containing the mutated gene.
2) More than 80% positive rate, and the mutation frequency meets the specified requirements
3) The library capacity meets the customer’s specified requirements
4) At least 20 sequencing results, and the analysis of the sequencing results reaches the target

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