SgRNA Libraries
SgRNA Libraries

CRISPR sgRNA libraries serve as powerful tools for high-throughput genomic screening. By silencing or activating gene expression on a large scale, the link between genes and phenotypes can be established, and the genes responsible for specific phenotypes can be identified. The sgRNA library can replace the previous research method of a single or a small number of genes. By studying a large number of genes at one time, usually more than 10,000 genes, it greatly improves efficiency and saves time and cost. The design and synthesis of sgRNA is simple and convenient. An sgRNA library usually consists of thousands to tens of thousands of sgRNAs designed for different target genes. Multiple sgRNAs can be designed for each gene to improve the success rate and effectiveness of genome editing. CRISPR sgRNA libraries have been widely used to study diseases or specific phenotypes, such as immunotherapy response, viral infection mechanisms, oncology, etc.

Recommended applications:

1) Large-scale gene knockout, activation and suppression
2) Identification and verification of new drug targets
3) Identify cancer treatment targets
4) Applications in agricultural field, such as development of disease-resistant crops

Service Specifications:

Services Description Turnaround Time
sgRNA Design gRNA design targeting specific genes according to customer’s requirements 1-2 weeks
sgRNA Library Construction

sgRNA and control synthesis

Constructed the sgRNA to designated vector

5-7 weeks
Plasmid Preparation Transfection grade plasmid preparation 1 week
QC Extra 20 business days will be needed if QC by NGS is required Get a Quote
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