Custom RNA Oligo Synthesis
Custom RNA Oligo Synthesis

RNA oligo is an important research tool, which has been widely used in gene function analysis and development of new therapeutic strategies. GenCefe provides high-quality customized RNA synthesis services to meet customers' specific needs.

Our RNA synthesis services include: custom RNA synthesis, RNA modification and labeling, chimeric RNA, 2'-OMe-RNA and antisense RNAs synthesis, etc. We have established strict QC standards for synthetic RNAs, and introduced various detection methods such as MS and HPLC, to ensure delivery of high-quality RNA oligos to customers.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Comprehensive RNA backbones: RNA, 2′-OMe RNA, 2′-F RNA, 2′-MOE RNA, sulfur modification, methylated cytosine (5-Me-dC), locked nucleic acid (LNA), etc.;
  • Flexible synthesis specifications: synthetic RNA can be provided in OD or nmol measurement units, and bulk orders are available upon request;
  • Professional tech-support team: providing detailed pre-sale and after-sales services;
  • High quality: ISO 9001 certified facilities, comprehensive QC report (HPLC/MS)

Featured RNA synthesis services:

  • siRNA Synthesis Services
  • miRNA inhibitors & mimics (in vivo and in vitro)
    1. siRNA Packages
    2. Fluorescent labeled siRNA
    3. Control siRNA
  • Custom RNA oligo synthesis;

Service Specifications

Service Type Length Size Price Turnaround Time Deliverables
Single-stranded RNA Synthesis 5-18 bases 2-1000 OD Start from $49 Start from 5 business days
  • Lyophilized RNA
  • CoA
  • QC Report (MS/HPLC)
>18 bases >1 OD Quote Quote
Double-stranded RNA Synthesis 5-18 bases 2-1000 OD Start from $109 Start from 5 business days
>18 bases >1 OD Quote Quote
Modified RNA >15 bases Quote Quote Quote
Fluorescent labeled RNA >15 bases Quote Quote Quote

*All the synthesized RNA provided by GenCefe are purified by HPLC. For double-stranded RNA, each strand is purified by HPLC before annealing.

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